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An International network of medical and legal experts committed to preventing medical mistakes, enhancing provider's standard of care and protecting the rights of patients
Medical Legal experts
Our Research

Our study identified various tools and resources for achieving this objective which the center is now mandated to coordinate.

The establishment of the International Medical Law Institute

This institution is responsible for educating providers as well as patients on the fundamentals of medical malpractice and patients' rights.

Formation of International Patients' Cooperative in every community in the world

This  association is working towards enhancing the welfare of Patients, protecting vulnerable members of society like the disabled, mentally challenged, the elderly, the poor, children etc.

The association supports providers in elevating their standard of care, engages  politicians, legislators and policy makers in implementing International regulatory formats that enhances patients safety.

It is an association with a global mandate that acts locally.

The association  offers legal, and medical support as well as counseling and companionship to distressed patients.

The cooperative also provides logistic support to patients like food and clothing, transportation to and from hospitals and doctors' appointments, etc, while negotiating with medical service providers to reduce the cost of medical care through the power of collective bargaining.   


Creation of the Online Basic Assessment of Standards International (OBASI) app

This app is used by  patients to assess the standard of care provided by:

a. Medical practitioners which includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory scientists etc.

b. Hospitals and other medical institutions  including homes for the elderly and mental institutions.  

c. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical retail outlets.  

d.  Medical laboratories and medical equipment manufacturing companies.

e.  Medical Insurance companies and financial support groups.


Institution of  Standard of Care Awards (SOCA)

This is an annual celebration of outstanding achievements by medical providers like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, healthcare institutions, health insurance companies, etc.

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