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International Medical Law Institute

This institute is established to educate medical providers and patients on how to enhance the standard of care, protect the rights of patients, avoid medical mistakes and efficiently  resolve issues of medical malpractice


Basic Training

This is a one day intensive training program designed to expose participants to the basics of medical malpractice management. It would address the following issues:

* What is medical malpractice?

* How do you minimise medical mistakes?

* What are patients' rights and how do you protect them?

* What are the responsibilities of medical care providers?

* How do you enhance patients' safety in hospitals and health institutions?

* How do you efficiently resolve issues of medical negligence?

The training would feature practical tutorials on various at risk procedures and how to avoid medical mistakes in the different medical specialisations like:

- Pediatrics

- Obstetrics and Gynecology   

- Surgery and Anesthesiology  

- Pharmacology and drug administration

- Emergency room procedures and protocols

- Medical laboratory tests and procedures

- Nursing support and assistance

- Medical records and information management


Certification Training

This is a three day training program designed for stakeholders which includes patients' rights advocates, medical practitioners- doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc, lawyers, hospital administrators, officers of health care institutions, pharmaceutical companies and outlets representatives, medical students, interested members of the public, etc.

It consists of two components:

Medical Malpractice Law

This includes lectures on negligence, duty of care, standard of care, patients rights, provider's responsibilities, medical malpractice management

Standard of care, systemic failure analysis and forensic auditing.

This involves the practical process of identifying;

- What went wrong in a medical mistake event.

- What can go wrong before it occurs.

- How to enhance the standard of care of provided by medical institutions and medical practitioners



This is designed for professionals in the industry.


It is a four month program that involves the identification of a specific research project which would be executed after a certification program.

The project would be supervised by members of the institute's distinguished faculty


Senior Fellowship

This is the undertaking of the certification training, execution of a major research project and the pragmatic implementation of the result form the research.

The process is supervised by the institute's distinguished faculty.

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